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Springhill, Wellington, Telford, Shropshire. TF1 3NA

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Container, Warehouse, Storage Hire Agreement


The Terms and Conditions of the Agreement are important please read them.

•    You must pay the agreed deposit and agreed payments in advance.

•    Understand that if you fail to pay what’s due, you do not have permission to enter the yard and the storage unit will be blocked off.

•    Payment by Standing Order or Bank Transfer in advance.

•    Debit or Credit card payments will incur a 2.5% process fee.

•    Tell us when you change your address, contact number or payment details.

•    Please give at least two weeks’ notice when you want to end the storage.

•    We will also give two weeks’ notice if we need to end the storage agreement.


•    The premises are for our customers use only; the General public are not allowed.

•    Keep the Storage Space tidy and empty it completely when you vacate.

•    Make sure you only store things which you own, and which are suitable for our storage.

•    No storage of Rubbish, dirt, Rubble, Asbestos or things that need to be in a skip. 

•    No hazardous items or illegal materials.

•    No animals! If you ignore this warning it will be reported.

•    Don’t block access or leave rubbish on to any part of the site.

•    Do not damage the inside of the container side or floor, no screws, or nails to be used.

•    Do not leave anything outside of the Container / Warehouse / Storage area.


•    The containers inside can sweat in heat and cold it’s called container rain and cannot be avoided.

•    Anything with moisture like timber can evaporate and drip back down from the roof.

•    If you want your goods covered for damage, theft etc, insure them, they are not insured by us.

•    By signing you agree to the above.